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Early Years

From the young age of 4, Destiny Michelle started to have private lessons at home to play the violin. Most children were playing the recorder but Destiny begged her mother to play the violin. Her love for music grew following performing in concerts with a youth string orchestra and singing at church.

Throughout her Secondary School days, Destiny began composing and progressed into the woodwind family. She learned to play the oboe, flute, clarinet, recorder and saxophone. Destiny joined the Centre for Young Musicians (CYM) in London where she had a full weekend dedicated to the clarinet, oboe, choir, theory of music, A level Music, oboe ensemble and clarinet choir.

Destiny excelled in her instrumental studies and later became the Leader of the London School's Symphonic Band (LSSB) playing the clarinet and Lead Oboist in the London's Youth Concert Orchestra (LYCO).

Destiny Michelle's life outside of school never stopped she was a member of the: London's Youth Symphonic Band ( LYSB) and National Youth Orchestra (NYO) whilst being a cadet with the Air Training Corps.

After leaving school Destiny joined the Armed Forces and has a combined service of 16 years serving with HM Royal Marines Band Service (RMBS) and the Royal Military Police (RMP). During her training with the Royal Marines, Destiny studied the cornet, trumpet, violin and later the oboe, parade percussion and the cor anglais at The Royal Marines School of Music including a Degree Music course, Military Band, Jazz Band, Big Band, Orchestra, Ensembles, and many more. She was later to become a finalist on the oboe in the Cassel Prize Prestigious Competition finishing 4th out of 10 finalists. 

Whilst in HM Royal Marines she began her singing career for HM the Queen and the Royal Family UK and Abroad, LIVE on Television (BBC, ITV and numerous International Stations). Later becoming a regular and popular act on the Local Entertainment Circuit with her eclectic mix of music old and new.

Destiny Michelle is Grade 8 and Diploma Standard (LRAM) on many of her instruments and holds a Degree in Music (BA Hons)

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